Almost all wine, beer and spirit containers purchased in Ontario on or after February 5, 2007, can be returned to The Beer Store (or other designated return locations) for a full deposit refund. This includes glass bottles, bag-in-box, Tetra Pak containers, plastic bottles (PET), and steel and aluminum containers on which deposits have been charged.

Wine, beer and spirit containers purchased before February 5, 2007, do not carry a deposit and are not eligible for a refund.


Ontario Deposit Return Summary Chart

LCBO will start collecting deposits on wine, beer and spirit containers: February 5, 2007
The Beer Store (TBS) or other designated return locations will start accepting returns and providing refunds: February 5, 2007
Beverage alcohol container returns will be accepted and refunds provided at these return locations:
  • TBS Stores
  • Empty Bottle Dealers*
  • Commercial Return Locations
  • Agency Stores
  • Retail Partners
Deposit Rates:
Wine, Beer and Spirit Containers

Glass bottles, plastic bottles (PET), Tetra Pak containers, bag-in-box
Deposit / Refund Amount

Containers less than or equal to 630mL


Containers over 630mL

Aluminum and steel containers Deposit / Refund Amount
Aluminum and steel containers less than or equal to 1L 10¢
Aluminum and steel containers over 1L 20¢
Exempt containers
  • Containers 100mL or less (e.g., 50mL minis)
  • Containers purchased at duty-free stores, U-Vint and U-Brew
No deposit collected or refund offered for these items

* TBS has contracts with approximately 150 Empty Bottle Dealers in rural communities.